The International Vincentian Youth Encounter Will Host 1,000 Participants

by | Feb 9, 2018 | News

We have received new information from the organization of the International Meeting of Vincentian Youth (IMVY), which will take place in Panama, from January 18 to 21, 2019, in preparation for the World Youth Day. The motto of the IMVY will be: “The joy of being a Vincentian.” The registration fee has also been defined, which will be US $60. If everything goes well, the inscriptions will begin towards the end of this month of February. There will be transportation between the capital, Panama City (where most pilgrims will arrive), and the city of San Carlos, the place of the Vincentian event, both to go and to return. The meeting will have the capacity to host up to a thousand participants.

The organizing comitee, formed by members of several branches of the Vincentian Family, will have a meeting at the place of the event on March 2. They are already divided into commissions, with their respective responsibles. The general coordinator of the IMVY and coordinator of Logistics is Fr. Alcibiades Guerra (Congregation of the Mission); the executive secretary, Anna Bieberach; in the Liturgy Commission, Argelys Vega (Society of Saint Vincent de Paul); in the Festival Commission, Rolando Morales (Vincentian Marian Youth); in the Communication Commission: Milagro Muñoz (Vincentian Marian Youth); in the Formation Commission: Sr. Carolina Solórzano (Daughters of Charity).

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