Third CIF Meeting for the Vincentian Family

by | Dec 16, 2017 | Formation

Dear lay people, sisters, priests and brothers who live the Vincentian charism:

The Grace and Peace of our Lord be always with us!

It is always a pleasure to get in touch with you

Let me start this letter with an answer to the following question: What is the Vincentian Family for us?

All the congregations, associations, 1) which inspired their activity in Saint Vincent charism. 2) which had adopted the Rules and the Vincentian Spirituality. 3)Those ones having been founded by a member of our congregation as well as seculars from our schools, parishes, universities, missions, etc. who adopt the Vincentian spirituality. As a whole we can talk about 5 million.

We are acquainted with the fact that Saint Vincent admired an atheist such as Boris Porched, also those ones who used to criticize our Church such as Voltaire, as well as all Christians. Our Pope Francisco has recently talked about the Vincentian influence being in force nowadays. But, … we must carry on working so as to be able to spread out the extraordinary Vincentian Theology and Spirituality.

The CIF carried out in Paris, offers the possibility of going straight to the sources. We must know as much as possible about the Vincentian charism so as to live better and to solve spiritual and material poverty. In the CIF we are not only taking into account the past, but we will try to analyze the challenges of this century XXI according to the Vatican Council II and to the orientations of Pope Francisco.

The Congregation of the Mission, during the last General Assembly, showed us the claims of the poor. Specially of the refugees, the prisoners. The training within the CIF can help to solve some of these terrible circumstances.

Our congregation, provinces, institutions and specially the poor may receive the results of the training given by the CIF.

I heartly invite you to join the III) CIF Meeting of the Vincentian Family

The topics that will be analyzed are:

  •  what is the Vincentian Family
  •  how to carry on working together having as a goal to wholly dignify poor people
  •  what was the original inspiration of Saint Vincent, the roots and try to get deep and explore them
  •  other important human beings within the Vincentian Family
  •  as well as Vincentian Spirituality and Ethics

All this together with incredible trips to Vincentians places in Paris and the rest of France. As far as it is possible we shall try to give service to the poor. We are also going to pay special attention to pray and meditation.

Where will it be?

The course will take place in the beautiful and glamorous city of Paris. In the Mother House of the Congregation of the Mission

When will it be?

From Tuesday, April 10 to Friday, May 11, 2018.

The course will be in three languages Spanish, French and English.

In the future,  we would like to have other languages

The cost of the course is euros 2200. Lodging, meals, pilgrimages and material is already included.

By the way, those persons who have been chosen must be quite interested in learning about the Vincentian theology and spirituality as well as in a kind way of living together.

The CIF for the Vincentian Family has got the following features:

  1. It takes place in our Mother House, 95 rue de Sevres, Paris, zip code 75006. We are on the left side of the Sena River. Located in the heart of Paris, lots of public means of transportation can be found here.
  2. The members of the Vincentian Family will have an incredible brotherhood experience. They will also have the possibility of meeting brothers from other houses of the congregation in France.
  3. Pray and meditation will be possible in the different chapels of the Mother House. Specially in the church where Saint Vincent had been buried, as well as the church where the appearance of the Miraculous Medal took place. And, of course, in all those churches of the congregation we will have the opportunity of visiting all over France.
  4. All necessary material will be provided to you. And, of course, we have got a very complete library in here.
  5. The speeches and discussions are coordinated together with guided visit to Vincentian places in and out of Paris. A diploma will be given

In reply to some of you I am pleased to tell you that whenever you are interested, I am available for courses and requirements The deadline to confirm you are joining the course is March 25, 2018. Attendance are limited because we can only accept 30 applicants.

Yours faithfully in Mary our Mother

Fr. Andrés R.M. Motto, CM

Director of the CIF

PD: To confirm attendance or for any questions you may have, the following is my e-mail andresmotto@