by | Oct 31, 2017 | Formation

Homelessness is a gender neutral issue, but still ever prevelant among men. The homeless population is approximately 51% men nationally, with 195 men currently taking shelter at St. Vincent De Paul-Dayton.

Homeless Men in Dayton

There are many factors that effect men whether it be due to the mental health crisis, job placements, and broken families. As women, men are also victims of domestic violence, homeless with children, and suffer numerous other problems; which lead to extreme conditions, such as homelessness or suicide.

The factors also effect the nation’s homeless veterans, who are predominantly male as well, and veterans benefit greatly from effective programs for homeless and at-risk veterans who partner with community-based nonprofits, such as St. Vincent De Paul.

So with these growing numbers, let’s continue to unmask stereotypes, and change the public perceptions of the lives of men, as well as all homeless people. Help St. Vincent De Paul continue their mission to change the lives of people, one resource at a time! #UnmaskingPoverty #BeTheChangeAgent #stvincentdayton

from Society of St. Vincent de Paul of Dayton, Ohio (USA). Find them on Facebook.