Live broadcasting during Symposium, Oct 14 and 15

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During the Symposium we all will be united in prayer; fortunately, we also will be “connected” through the mass media and social media. On our social channels you will be able to follow, in real time, how our days will unfold: especially during some of the Symposium’s significant moments. You can actually join us thanks to live links.


Saturday, October 14, 09:00 (Italian time, CEST)

Live streaming from Saint Peter’s Square from the following Internet webpages:

Live from St. Peter’s Square on the following TV channels:



  • Starting at 9:50 a.m. you will be able to watch live on Tv2000, visible on digital terrestrial channel 28, satellite to channel 140 SKY, on the satellite platform tivùsat at channel 18 (In Italy).

Saturday, October 14, 19:00 (Italian time, CEST)

Live from the Basilica of Saint Paul Outside-The-Walls:

Sunday, October 15, 21:00 (Italian time, CEST)

Holy Mass in the Basilica of Saint Paul Outside-the-Walls will be recorder and broadcast delayed at 21:00 (Italian time):

For the areas covered by Telepace, see the links listed below for information on viewing the TV program on the Telepace TV channel:

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  1. Sr. Bena

    Praise be to God for giving the char-ism through St. Vincent reaching out to the poor. I congratulate Famvin for organising symposium. Many more may be drawn and filled with the charism

  2. Gloria

    Great and wonderful are God’s work in every age. Happy anniversary to everyone. Simply great to follow from anywhere and everywhere the symposium. God bless famvin

  3. Paulette Meeks

    What an awesome message today from our Holy Father to the Vincentian families…Pray/Adore, Welcome, Love. That is exactly our motto in serving God in His Poor, being with Him, in Him and for Him. We need these three graces marked deep in our spirit. I am so grateful we all get to plug into this wonderful event of celebration.