Pope Francis: Why the only Future Worth Building Includes Everyone

by | Aug 9, 2017 | Formation, News, Pope | 1 comment

A few months ago, Pope Francis filmed a message that is worthwhile to meditate upon and may bring to life all of us who are followers of Saint Vincent de Paul. In it he speaks of matters that are very close to our charism: providing a welcome, the need we have of each other, etc.

We invite you to watch it; it is long, but it’s worth it. Although the pope speaks in Italian, the movie is subtitled in English.

A single individual is enough for hope to exist, and that individual can be you, says His Holiness Pope Francis in this searing TED Talk delivered directly from Vatican City. In a hopeful message to people of all faiths, to those who have power as well as those who don’t, the spiritual leader provides illuminating commentary on the world as we currently find it and calls for equality, solidarity and tenderness to prevail. “Let us help each other, all together, to remember that the ‘other’ is not a statistic, or a number,” he says. “We all need each other.”

Source: ted.com

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  1. Sr.teresa Pegado

    This is wonderful to hear Pope Thank you for famvin

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