The Sin of “Just Doing Our Job”

by | Aug 6, 2017 | Formation, Reflections

Sitting around playing with Facebook and letting injustice flourish is just as bad as committing an injustice. Vincentians just can’t do that.

Stephen Mattson of (Sojourners Magazine online) writes:

Just because it’s legal and permissible by government standards doesn’t mean that Christians should passively permit injustice and allow evil to happen.

Many of history’s darkest moments were disguised under the framework of government action, where sin was facilitated through the pretense of law and order and evil was carried out through the charades of nationalism.

Slavery was legal. The forced removal and oppression of Native Americans was legal. The Holocaust was legal. Segregation was legal. Prohibiting women to vote was legal. The mass incarceration of Japanese American citizens was legal. Even today, the systemic racism and bias inflicted upon numerous people within the U.S. is fueled by our nation’s laws and policies.

The most compelling argument that displays the faultiness of trusting a government for moral and spiritual authority is this: Jesus himself was arrested, put on trial, and crucified legally — well within the laws of the Roman Empire.

Read the rest of this stirring article and ask yourself:

  • Do I use my time in the pursuit of justice?
  • Do I recognize the power of social media?
  • Mattson writes, “Unfortunately, many Christians are remaining silent, passive, or are even actively supporting the increasingly anti-Jesus policies that are hurting people and destroying families — people created in God’s image, and people that are divinely loved by God but hated by humanity.” Is that me?

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