Can Artificial Intelligence Help the Vincentian Family Mission?

by | May 30, 2017 | Church, Social, Technology: Issues and Uses

Catholic religious news and spirituality site “Aleteia” asks, “Can Artificial Intelligence Help the New Evangelization?”

Artificial intelligence chatbot

Aleteia has adopted a technology called chatbot to help people use the resources on their site. It’s fascinating!

For most Catholics, evangelization is that uncomfortable nudge to verbally share their faith with others. While the spirit is willing, the tongue isn’t really sure how best to proceed. Well now…there is an app for that.


Commissioned by in an effort to support World Communications Day, ePaul is a chatbot designed to help the universal church answer Pope Francis’ call to confidently share the good news using stories of hope, faith, trust, and love.


The multi-lingual bot was inspired by one of the greatest evangelists St. Paul, and was even programmed with a personality to pay homage to the brave apostle. By simply answering a few questions about who the user is trying to reach, ePaul will quickly retrieve a few curated articles from Aleteia’s extensive archive that he thinks will suit the situation.

Take a look at this marvelous resource! What would you think if famvin developed a similar resource for you? Comment yes or no, and for what? news? formation?