The Poor and the Humble Possess the Wisdom of God

by | Mar 19, 2017 | Formation

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Now ponder the following quotes:

“…the poor and the humble can rejoice in a special way as our teachers and masters. They possess the wisdom of God; they believe and hope in God as their Savior; they do not trust in this world and its power but rather in the Word of God, which will be fulfilled in them to the letter of the law— for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven.”

Miguel Pérez Flores, C.M. & Antonino Orcajo, C.M. The Way of St. Vincent Is Our Way; 39. Evangelized by the Poor

“The New Evangelization is an initiative to help us recognize the salvific force those living in poverty have in Christ, and to put them at the center of the Church. We discover Christ in the poor; we give voice to their causes; we are their servants; we listen to them; and they call us to ponder the mysterious wisdom of God, often revealed to us by their very lives.”

– G. Gregory Gay, C.M., former Superior General, letter to Members of the Vincentian Family announcing the Vincentian Year of New Evangelization, 18 July 2014

May you be reminded of these things in the context of your Vincentian vocation, wherever you encounter those living in poverty– as a missionary, during a home visit, at a food pantry, at a thrift store, in a childcare center, etc.


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