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Juvenal y Ramiro: Promoting Better Education in Bolivia, #IamVincent

by | Nov 3, 2016 | News

Juvenal y Ramiro are two young people who belong to the Vincentian pastoral team at Mocomoco (Bolivia) where the Congregation of the Mission carries out its service from an international missionary community. They can also say #IamVincent: their work in education is a clear example of how Systemic Change can and should be promoted through education:


Education in Bolivia is a pending issue, too important to ignore, because many families are trapped in poor conditions, risking the development and formation of children. However, stories like this of Juvenal and Ramiro fill us with energy to continue fighting every day. Both are young Bolivians who, despite having desire to fight for a better future in their country, did not have the means to do it, and so they were two of the many youngsters who received a scholarship from University Sponsorship Project, to access higher education.

Today, Juvenal and Ramiro are Bachelors of Educational Science and two excellent workers associated with two schools in Bolivia, and struggle every day to provide all children access to education and to a future like they have. They lead educational workshops in reading, writing,  psychomotricity and study techniques, and the children enjoy their classes every day. In addition, it is fantastic to see how everyone is going forward and striving to learn the most.


The work of our friend Diego Plá [Vincentian priest in Mocomoco, Bolivia] is fundamental, as he keeps track of how these young beneficiaries of the project are growing, and how they are completing stages to start others. University studies are a key element in the training of young Bolivians; therefore, efforts must not only be limited to primary schools. We have to promote education for all young people, regardless of age! As we have been saying for a long time, education is a key transforming element, and we’re betting strongly on it.
Source: Web “amigos en marcha”


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