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Depaul USA Impact – A Short Film

by | Sep 2, 2016 | News | 2 comments

depaul video

“So, I gave it a shot, took some weeks, but finally I arrived at Depaul House. And I thrived in that atmosphere because that’s all I wanted to do. I wanted an opportunity to show myself that I could.  I did pretty good. This system works with you and meeting you right where you are at, by giving you all the comforts of home but at the same time giving you the counseling and giving you the case management that you need in order to push you or exhort you to become more productive, to be challenged in reaching your potential opposed to just allowing someone to give it to you.”

Take a few minutes and watch this short film. It shows the impact of Depaul USA on the lives of those who find themselves homeless. The above quote is from one of many people whose life has been positively impacted by Depaul USA, a charity that works with homeless people in Chicago, Macon (GA), Little Rock, New Orleans Philadelphia and St. Louis. Depaul USA is part of Depaul International, a group of charities that work to prevent homelessness on an international level.


Find out more about Depaul USA by clicking here!


  1. Paule Freeburg, DC

    Great film. Great work. Thanks for sharing. I admire so much those who shared their lives. Their courage is admirable.

  2. Sr. Maggie

    Powerful stories that need to be told and held up for others to give them the courage they need to rise again. Thanks DePaul, for providing the support for this ministry.

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