Renew or… become obsolete

by | Jul 4, 2016 | Social, Social Media, Technology: Issues and Uses


Suitably, the saying is “renew or die.” In the world of Internet, where everything happens at high speeds, this is particularly true. Technology and the media are constantly renewed on the Internet. And so should our portals and social networks.

Both .famvin and We Are Vincentians have begun a process of adaptation and renewal of their presence in the Net, seeking to share resources and make it easier to our visitors their searches and visits to websites. The new “look” of the websites are being preparing right now, and still it will take a few months to adapt everything. But we have begun to see some progress on the web We are Vincentians, renovated its style to a more simple and visually appealing, and adapted to all current navigation means: desktop and mobile devices.

The still Superior General Father Gregory Gay, C. M., said in one of his communications to the General Assembly, which is being held right now in Chicago:

Our major means of communication, FamVin, began years ago with the vision of John Freund and now continues with the work of Father Aidan Rooney. It is an attempt to bring us together in a significant way using social-media. It is incredible that, during my visits, as I ask our candidates how they learned about the Congregation of the Mission, any number of them say, “through the Internet” or “through your website” or “through Facebook.” The contact is through social media. Our call is to take advantage to promote the evangelization of the poor through our charism together with the rest of our Vincentian Family. I pray that this continue, because it is not an option, but an obligation. Minimally, our Constitutions commit us to working to promote the Vincentian Family, but beyond that, it is the best, most significant, and most efficacious way that we can be faithful to our charism of evangelizing and serving the poor. I think I have said enough about us as an international missionary congregation, collaborating with others in a common mission to move our charism forward.

Gregory’s words are clear and should make us — all people maintaining a Vincentian website — think  if we are doing the right thing in the right way. To have our websites updated, and to publish frequently, is an obligation for all the Vincentian Family.