International Advisers of the Vincentian Family Office

by | Jun 27, 2016 | News, Vincentian Family


The Vincentian Family Office (VFO) presents the new group of International Advisers who will be working to strengthen the National Councils of the Vinentian Family. This meeting occurred Monday January 25th of this year and was held in the House Mary Immaculate, Via Ezio, Italy, Rome.

This team consists of: Sylvester Ojubiaja, Regional Coordinator and Executive Secretary VF – Nigeria; Denise el-Khoury Vincentian Marian Youth (VMY), member of the Partnership Program V.F. (VFCAP) and Coordinator V.F – Lebanon; Pamela Mantuhac MVP and Director of the Office of Vincentian Identity, Adamson University, Philippines; Puthenthayil Francis, CM, National Coordinator – India; Dee Mansi, president of the AIC / UK, Chairman of the Board of F.V., UK; Mykhaylo Talapkanych, CM, Coordinator F.V – Ukraine; José Coelho, coordinator FAVILA – Latin America; Girolamo Lucio, V.F. National Coordinator – Venezuela; Joelson Sotem, CM, full-time for V.F and president of the National Council V.F. from Brazil; V.F.O: Father Joe Agostino, CM, Coordinator; Sister Marge Clifford, DC, Promotion Coordinator; P. Flavio Pereira, CM, Assistant Coordinator. Guests: Andrew McKnight (France, Depaul International, Paris); Yasmine Cajuste, JMV for many years and now a member of VFCAP.

The team will be working from two perspectives:

  • At the national level: Through the building of a Manual and its respective channels of communication: for sharing and helping others develop the strengths of their respective National Councils, and
  • At the international level: Further developing a collaborative environment and connections within the Vincentian Family.

This publication is for the use of our National Councils and the branches which compose them.

Read the minutes of their first meeting in English or Other languages.