SC Federation of North America: A New Web!

by | Jun 14, 2016 | Announcements, News, Social


Kristen Blacksher, Social Media & Web Content Specialist for the Sisters of Charity Federation, writes:
We’ve been working since January to create a brand new website that shares our Gospel mission of Charity to the world, with a special emphasis on making the website easy to navigate and easy to read on a mobile phone. Here’s what we’re most excited about:
  • The Social Justice pages, which provide United Nations news updates and highlight three other areas where sister congregations are working together to have a stronger impact: Care of the Earth, Human Trafficking, and Immigrants & Refugees
  • The Collaboration section, which highlights the collaborative ministries, groups and initiatives of the Federation sister congregations
  • A translation tool that changes pages and posts to French, Spanish and other languages
Even better: the website has tons of pictures and videos to go check out! Please explore at and spread the word!
Congratulations colleagues!


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