Fr. Gregory Gay, C.M.: Message for Pentecost and #famvin400

by | May 12, 2016 | Announcements, News, Year of Vincentian Collaboration | 1 comment

The Vincentian Family Office shares this video message for Pentecost as we celebrate the year of collaboration and as we prepare for our anniversary as a Vincentian Family.

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  1. The Rev. Rev. Dr. Edward Ambrose- "Ed"

    Dear Vincentian Fathers,Brothers and Daughters of Charity,

    My spouse,Jo, a Parish Nurse and graduate of a seminary program for Parish Nurses,tells me that I am the man I am because of the education I received from you as a boy(ages 17-21). Thank you!

    Although I have been Lutheran-Episcopal most of my adult life,you inspire me in the spirit of Saint Vincent’s evangelical catholicism. Thank you!

    Also,at a subtle level,Father Gay,you show us that we must continually reform and grow in our Savior. To this day, I admire Vincent for reforming catholicism from within the Roman Catholic tradition. He remains a hero and a human sacramental to me. It’s a shame that Luther’s reformation became a fortuitous break with Rome. Perhaps the French culture abounds with diplomacy. Nevertheless,I am so glad that God afforded me the opportunity to be with you at Saint Joe’s and in the novitiate. Kudos on 400 years! Similarly, I thank God for Luther’s reformation, 500 years ago next year.

    May we never cease to accept God’s grace to reform so that we may welcome all as you stated,Father Gay. May we always be enriched by ‘the poor”. Thank you for uplifting this nearly 80 year old cleric who sends love from Jo and myself.

    With grateful respect…

    Ed Ambrose (AA,St. Joe’s 1957)