Vincentians of Wherever: Working for Peace

by | May 8, 2016 | News


You’ll find them everywhere: alumni of our many institutions.

Our world exhibits a need for true change socially, economically, and politically. Innovative leaders can usher through progressive changes with the right programs and the right tools as the world continues to change for the better and worse.” – Julia Rachiele

Every month, Global Peace Youth USA features outstanding young leaders from all around the United States. This March, GPY-USA is proud to present Julia Rachiele. Since her participation in the International Young Leader’s Assembly at the United Nations last August, Julia has continued her studies at New York’s St. John’s University for Psychology with a minor in Social Justice Theory.

Besides being an Administrative Assistant at the New York City District Council of Carpenters, Julia has a passion for addressing the issue of homelessness in her community and on a national scale. Julia shared more saying, “My academic career is predominantly focused on change, the kind of change that will benefit the world through economics and politics. I spent time working with homeless youth, homeless adults reintegrating back into jobs, displaced persons, and indigenous tribes as a St. John’s University Ozanam Scholar. My studies included the growing issue of female veteran homelessness in America and finding solutions to this societal problem. As a student at The New School, I’ve had the privilege of working alongside peers from around the world. I was able to put my finger on the pulse of current and past conflicts in order to analyze and hypothesize potential solutions.”

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