Now on Social: Fundraising for Good

by | Apr 5, 2016 | Social, Social Media, Vincentian Family Haiti Initiative


Throughout the Vincentian world, laudable projects go unfunded or underfunded. It’s not because of the lack of resources available. It’s often because of the failure to provide people with the opportunities to give “to their heart’s desire.”

Online fundraising is a powerful way to fund projects both small and large. You need creativity and you may need guidance. You have to know your audience and their capacity, even as you continue to explore foundation and individual large (“major” in the advancement world’s lingo) gifts. Just look what the Vincentian Family Haiti Initiative is doing with “simple nudges” as part of their full mission advancement strategy.

If you want to learn about online fundraising, there’s a free online webinar scheduled for mid-May. Don’t miss it.

People want to help. Make social media connections. Make it possible for people to listen to their hearts and to act accordingly. Learn more about VFHI’s “Simple Nudges” initiatives in a simple video here.