Vincentian Family Haiti Initiative 2015 Update

by | Feb 3, 2016 | News, Vincentian Family Haiti Initiative


Letter from the International Coordinator of the Vincentian Family Haiti Initiative

Dear Friends,

This Annual Report portrays the Vincentian Family Haiti Initiative’s (VFHI) past busy and effective year. Our fish farm has moved from a dream to reality and is now a source of income for 27 people. These numbers will double next fiscal year.

We are entering into our second phase with the 17 schools in the capital and the Central Plateau to improve the quality of education which will impact the lives of 4,242 students. Additionally, we have moved our operational headquarters from Port-au-Prince to Savane Perdue, La Hoye to focus our efforts in this rural, underserved area. Additionally as part of our robust new social media outreach, throughout this Annual Report you will note referenced hashtags to update you during the year.

St. Vincent de Paul called us to work where others prefer not to go; Pope Francis says we need to serve on the peripheries. We are happy to be doing just that.

In this Year of Vincentian Family Collaboration, we are looking forward to begin exploring joint efforts with three branches of the Vincentian Family: the Trinitarians, MISEVI (lay Vincentian missionaries), and Sisters of Charity. Please pray that these efforts may be blessed to continue fulfilling our mission to the people of Haiti.

Fr. Joseph Agostino, CM

2015 Highlights


  • 98.5% of women graduated from CLM Program, exceeding the program’s graduation criteria of asset base valued of at least 8,500 gourdes, or $170 with the average asset base at graduation worth 24,000 gourdes, or $480.
  • 100% completion off construction on Tilapia Farm, hired employees, and launched fish production.
  • 100% completed baseline survey of 17 schools resulting in individual comprehensive three-year strategic plans for each school.
  • Participated in collaborative process to update current strategic plan for next 3 years.
  • Raised $554,290 USD.
  • Launched comprehensive social media strategy and outreach.
  • Created Business Advisory Council to assist in development and management of social business.


More information on the Vincentian Family Haiti Initiative is available on the VFHI website.

The complete Annual Report is available by clicking here.