houseofcharityThe House of Charity New Orleans is a collaborative ministry of the Sisters of Charity Federation.  The idea was dreamed up by members of the Company of Charity Formation Personnel or CCFP over several years.  The idea of coming together to share our common Charism in community gradually led to a ministry of hospitality, prayer, service and community for young adults, discerners, sisters, associates and other lay partners.  New Orleans became the place to found this new ministry after Sisters in Vocation ministry came together to bring sisters and young adults to the city after Hurricane Katrina in January 2007.   Seeing the great and ongoing needs in the city and experiencing the benefit of service and charity side by side with young adults, the idea for New Orleans as a place of future ministry became apparent.

After 3 years of trips and planning a permanent house was established in 2010.  The first three Sisters at the House of Charity were a Daughter of Charity from Chicago, A Sister of Charity of New York and a Sister of Charity of Cincinnati.  A Sister of Charity of Nazareth and a Sister of Charity of Leavenworth have also been members of the core community at the House.