Connect and Learn: Religious of the Holy Family of Urgell

by | Nov 2, 2015 | Formation, Other Branch News, Year of Vincentian Collaboration

urgelpostFounded in 1860 at Cervera, Spain, in the diocese of Urgell by blessed Ana Maria Janer y Anglarill (1800-1885) who had originally been a Sister of Charity of Cervera but because of civil war (1836) had to immigrate to France, seeking refuge for four years with the Daughters of Charity in Toulouse. The bishop of Urgell asked her to come to his diocese and direct the hospital there. Two postulants accompanied her, and the institute grew and expanded into educational works also. The founder chose Vincent de Paul as a primary patron of the institute until 1872. However, Bishop Jose Caixal (1803-1879) subsequently imposed Ignatian direction and rules and changed its patronage (1872). It is of diocesan right.