Gather Together Two or Three in Jesus’ Name

by | Sep 5, 2023 | Formation, Reflections

Jesus is always in his Church.  Yes, he is in the midst of those who gather together in his name by the initiative of Providence.

Jesus wants us disciples to know that we shall receive for sure what we pray for, but on one condition:  we will have to agree on what to pray for.  And he is the one that makes effective our coming to agree on what to ask for.  For where two or three gather together in his name, there he is in their midst.

And such words give new strength to those of us who shrink in the face of failures.  In the face also of polarizations, abuses, scandals and injustices in the society and the Church.  For, yes, what counts most is that he is with us as we gather together in his name.  Though we may be no more than two or three.

Truly alive and really staying with us, he lifts up our spirits, leads us and holds us up.  He gives meaning even to our failures and makes us weak ones strong.  And he lets us know that those who make up his Church are not just those who exercise authority.  For they are the Church, too, those little folks who believe simply and do not analyze things too much (SV.EN XI:190).  In fact, the Church thrives at its roots in the lives of these little folks.

We, then, should not just associate the Church with what we used to associate it before:  churchgoers in great number that gather together in big and beautiful churches, who are in awe of solemn celebrations.  In awe, too, of silken garments and golden chalices.  Rather, we are to bear in mind the few lowly folks who gather together in a tiny chapel.  Or at home or on a open grain field.  Most likely, they do not adorn churches, yet they surely reach out to afflicted brothers and sisters.

Lord Jesus, grant that we always gather together in your name and have you in our midst.  We shall, then, catch your Spirit and be of one mind and heart, so that there may not be a poor brother or sister among us.  Nourish us with your Word and with your Body and Blood, so that we may find cure for our faults and have the strength to work with you to build a more just and human world.

10 September 2023
23rd Sunday in O.T. (A)
Ex 33, 7-9; Rom 13, 8-10; Mt 18, 15-20