Reveal or Conceal God’s True Face

by | Mar 7, 2023 | Formation, Reflections

Jesus’ food is to do the Father’s will and to finish his work.  He thus keeps the true religion; he cannot but reveal God’s true face.

Though we believe in God, we yet can conceal, rather than reveal, the true face of God (GS 19).  And, of course, we can do so in various ways.

We are guilty of this when we speak of God as a judge and not say that mercy triumphs over judgment.  Which means we also forget that mercy is God’s distinctive trait (SV.EN XI:328).  That he does not want the sinner to die but to turn back to him and live.  True, to speak of  eternal punishment in a lake of fire and brimstone can strike fear into the hearts of those who hear us.  But it can also lead them to believe that God is harsh and exacting.

And we do not reveal God’s true face when we do as the hypocrites.  They disguise their thirst or hunger for power, wealth and honor, their clericalism, careerism, as piety, zeal and strict keeping of the law.

Reveal the true face of God

We also conceal the true face of God as we fight over religion.  No, it is not just those who are from Judea and those from Samaria who fight in the name of religion.  We who are Christians do so, too.  But the one who cannot but reveal the true face of God does not allow it.

Jesus, after all, is the the ultimate bridge-builder,” the only Supreme Pontiff.  He shows us that God is a good Father who loves all his sons and daughters, the good and the bad.

Hence, God is God of all, of those who are in Judea and of those who are in Samaria.  That is why we have to get out of our closed systems of religion, out of our rites and ways of worship.  We have to worship the Father in spirit and truth.  That is to say, Jesus’ religion should be ours.

Jesus lets the Holy Spirit lead him, the Spirit that spurs him on to go about doing good.  No, there is no doubt that his two greatest virtues are his reverence for his Father and his charity for us humans (SV.EN VI:413).

And, yes, he wants his disciples to be one as he and his Father are one.  That is why he invites us to eat of the one bread and to drink of the one cup.  He calls us to him; he is also the gift of God, the living water, the Savior of the world.

Lord Jesus, we get wearied due to our journey and our struggles.  Strengthen us so that our work may match yours as we strive to reveal also the true face of God.

12 March 2023
Third Sunday of Lent (A)
Ex 17, 3-7; Rom 5, 1-2. 5-8; Jn 4, 5-42