Bless, Break, Share, and Serve

by | Jun 14, 2022 | Formation, Reflections

Christ shares his blood with us as we bless with him the cup of thanksgiving.  And he shares his body as we break the bread.

Nowadays, we voice out not so noble feelings; we rant.  We are more ready to curse than to bless, to tell others to their faces their faults, real or imagined.  That is how rude we seem to have become, meek and humble of heart no more.

Is such lack of shame a cause or an effect of the divisions today?  But be it as it may, to curse, on the part of the polarized, also means to gather so as to hoard, and to control.

And not a few of those who curse rather than bless belong to the Church; they eat the Lord’s Supper.  There is, of course, no lack of Catholics who do not mince words even when it has to do with Pope Francis.

Do those who find fault with the Pope seek to trap him and find ground to bring him to trial ?  Did they not do so with Jesus those who brought before him the woman caught in adultery?  For if the Pope does not teach or do what they want, they can bring him to trial for heresy (see also). But if he goes along with them, he will look harsh.  Hence, he will lose those who like him for his mercy.

Called to bless

But Christians are to bless, and not curse (1 Pt 3, 9).  In fact, to eat the Lord’s Supper is to pledge to bless, to break so as to share, and to serve.  To find joy in Christ’s Real Presence means to remember the Slave of all, so he may be our member time and again.

He came not to be served but to serve, to give his life to save all.  His concern is for others; he is always aware of their needs.  And he welcomes those from the outskirts.

Do we behave as he?  Or, is it that we lord it over others and seek to be served?  Do we not look out just for our own interests?

And there is no praise for us if we eat the Lord’s Supper and foster factions at the same time.  That is to say, if we let the poor go hungry and we put them to shame.  For that will mean to sin against the Lord’s body and blood.  And for failing to grasp the body, we run the risk of eating and drinking judgment on ourselves, and of getting sick.

Yes, we Christians should feel for others so we may not be just caricatures of the Christian (SV.EN XII:222).  Jesus does not allow us to send away those who are hungry; he asks us to feed them.

Lord Jesus, priest forever and bring out bread and wine, like Melchizedek, bless us.

19 June 2022
Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ (C)
Gen 14, 18-20; 1 Cor 11, 23-26; Lk 9, 11b-17