The FamVin Coming Together for Beirut!

by | Sep 20, 2020 | News

The August 4 Beirut blast devastated the city and added a climate of high insecurity in the country, which was already struggling with a severe economic and financial crisis coupled with uncertainty at several levels.

On top and above with the huge material damages, the pre-existing humanitarian crisis initially provoked by socio-economic challenges, rising rates of unemployment, poverty and collateral damages of the Coronavirus pandemic became more pronounced.

The Vincentian Family in Lebanon represented by all its organizations was on the ground since day one to assist families. An executive committee was initiated by Father Ziad Haddad, the FamVin Coordinator in Lebanon after a FamVin Council meeting. A project proposal was drafted, and an action plan written. The first step from the project is launched and we were overwhelmed by the generous donation of $50000 from the Famvin Homeless Alliance (FHA).

Volunteers, experts, priests and nuns devoted their time, know-how and efforts to accelerate the process and respond to the immediate relief of the families. Needs assessment and family visits are done, we want to be: Effective, Fast and Straight to the Target!

We, the International and National FamVin, came together with faith, hope and charity to spread love and kindness across the communities. The deeper we go into our families the more we feel their distress, sorrow and grief. The burden is heavy, but our faith is greater!

Danielle El Chemaly – Executive Committee Member

Source: Vincentian Family Homeless Alliance