A New Approach to Life and Ministry in Slovakia

by | Feb 15, 2020 | News

With regard to ongoing formation, the Congregation of the Mission, Province in Slovakia, organizes each year a formation session for its members. This year an invitation was extended to the entire Vincentian Family.  Nearly 80 members from various branches of the Vincentian Family gathered from February 7 to February 8 in the town of Nitra. This gathering provided us with an opportunity to reflect on one of the key concepts of the ministry of our Vincentian Family: a Systemic Change approach to ministry. Two guests were invited for this purpose – distinguished members of the Vincentian Family’s Commission for the Promotion of Systemic Change – James Claffey, (a member of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul) and Father Giuseppe Turati, CM. We became familiar with various themes related to Systemic Change and its principles, as well as its practical application to our ministry. The willingness to allow God to change us and our way of thinking is the first step in the process Systemic Change. May the intercession of Saint Vincent de Paul, the saint of  effective and effective love, guide both our way of living and our way of ministering on behalf of the poor, “our lords and masters.”

Fr. Ján Janček, C.M.
Provincial Secretary, Province of Slovakia
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