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Pilgrimage of St. Vincent’s Relics to Czech Republic

by | Nov 8, 2019 | News

St. Vincent has been on pilgrimage since September 26th, that is, for more than one month.

On October 27th the relics of St. Vincent left Slovakia and came to the Czech Republic, where they will remain until November 13, when they will be returned to Slovakia to continue their pilgrimage there until December 15.

After more than month we can affirm that this pilgrimage of relics of St. Vincent de Paul has been a fruitful and grace-filled experience. Some testimonies have come to us about little miracles, that is, miracles “in St. Vincent’s style” – not loud and noisy with trumpet blasts and fireworks, but humble silent miracles.

Two men (not knowing each other) from two different places have provided similar testimonies. Each of them had been searching for employment for a long time. Each prayed before the relics to St. Vincent and asked for help in finding a job that would enable them to feed their families. Soon after, their prayers were heard and they found a job. The first man stated that when he came out of church, his mobile phone rang and some unknown man told him that he had obtained his phone number from an individual who heard that he is looking for a job. Right there, he was offered a position.

Another miracle that was reported to us came from a woman who had been sick for a long time (some serious illness). She was depressed about about her situation. She came to the church, where people prayed the rosary before the relics of St. Vincent. When she listened to a reflection about acceptance of the cross, she experience a peace in her heart and accepted her illness as a part of God´s loving providence. She thanked us for this opportunity to “meet” this great saint of France.

As I said, miracles “in St. Vincent´s style”…

Throughout the month more than 25.000 people prayed before the relics of St. Vincent: the Eucharist was celebrated, novenas were offered as were rosaries and litanies to St. Vincent. People heard about the life of St. Vincent and his charism and the works that he established. At most places, members of the Congregation of the Mission preached about St. Vincent and encouraged people to follow St. Vincent through service on behalf of the poor and marginalized members of society. In every diocese, the diocesan bishop celebrated the Eucharist and prayed to St. Vincent for new vocations to the priesthood and the consecrated life.

We hope, that this pilgrimage will bring a new spring to the Church of Slovakia and the Czech Republic and it will lead people to deepen their love for God and for their brothers and sisters.



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