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A Pastry Shop Gives a New Perspective to the Life of a Needy Family

by | Jul 10, 2019 | News, Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Flour, milk, baking powder, eggs and sugar become pastries in the hands of Gilmara Alves da Fonseca, assisted by the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul of Governador Valadares (MG, Brazil). Carefully worked, the ingredients create a new perspective on her life, that of her partner and four children.

Gilmara, who previously had no source of income, has now become a confectioner. She sells decorated cakes. Her new profession started thanks to the Social Projects of the National Council of Brazil (CNB), which finances actions of Change of Structures (social promotion).

Brother Jeferson de Castro Ferreira, member of the “Child Jesus of Prague” Conference, points out that the project has been a success. CNB money was invested in equipment for Gilmara to work in the confectionery.

The SSVP conference continues to provide her basic food so that, instead of buying food, she can invest all the money she receives, when selling the cakes, to expand her business. And Gilmara is achieving many goals. She has already bought a food printer to personalize the cakes and is renovating the kitchen.

The project cost the National Council around 1.5 thousand reais (about 350 euros, or 400 US dollars). “With little money, Gilmara’s life is improving a lot. The project greatly encourages work with our assistants. When we see a family like Gilmara, people see that it is worthwhile to work in the changes of structures,” Jeferson concludes.



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