Visit to ACASVI, New Branch of the Vincentian Family in Peru

by | May 6, 2019 | News, Vincentian Family

On January 28, with great joy and hope, two ACASVI volunteers (Association of Charities Saint Vincent) went to meet Father Flavio at the airport and brought him to the Provincial house of the Congregation of the Mission in Lima (Perú).

In the afternoon we visited a place where a group of volunteers was working feeding seniors. Every Monday, this area is where we prepare a bag of groceries for the elderly, who we serve in an integral way.

Later we took advantage of his presence to meet with the elderly and to share some pleasant time with them. Older adults also shared their experiences and gratitude to God and to the volunteers for the love that we offer them. One of them expressed that more important than the things they receive… is the LOVE the volunteers share with them!!!

Later we had the pleasure of showing him the surroundings and sharing a small typical Lima lunch.

The next day, Fr. Flavio visited the Casona de San Vicente. That is the meeting place of the volunteers. There we shared and reflected on his wise teachings that touched us, and the fervent desire to be better Vincentian Christian followers of Jesus Christ and servants of the poor. Then he had a tour of the house and saw the other spaces and the services we perform there: secretariat, wardrobe (where the clothing donated by the parish community is sorted and sold four times a year in the parish to get funds to be able to continue helping them), and the health area with its voluntary medical office, podiatry area and small pharmacy.

In the afternoon, Fr. Flavio met with the elderly again in the house where they perform various activities and workshops for training and recreation. He listened to what they wanted to tell him and again Father Flavio encouraged them to also be Vincentians, part of the family, and to help each other.

On Wednesday evening, the meeting of the entire Vincentian Family of Peru took place at the headquarters of the Vincentian Family, in which each of the branches has its own space and secretariat. With great joy on our part, Father Flavio, after showing us the presentation of the Vincentian Family Office (VFO) and having shared with us the invitation to be present at the Meeting of the Major Superiors and International Presidents of all FAMVIN branches (January 2020), he made us known (designated) as a new FAMVIN International Branch before the Assembly of delegates. This involves great commitment and gratitude, as we learned to express and take on the commitment to make ACASVI, a branch of the Vincentian Family continue to work with more love, commitment, responsibility and joy, and making it grow to support the elderly.

I can only say that we are very grateful to Father Flavio. His visit was very important and awakened in us a great desire to continue with more enthusiasm; he made us reflect and at the same time encouraged us in this work that God placed in our hands. He gives us the strength and love to fulfill it.

Greetings in Christ and St. Vincent for Father Tomaz, Fr. Joe and Sr. Marge, we hope you can visit us soon too. Blessings for the entire Executive Committee of the Vincentian Family.

Pilar Barboza
Training coordinator

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