Diaries of Vincentian: Perú

In our case, it tells the story of a family – young parents and their two children- who, after living on the streets, now have a decent place to call home.

Tamar Project Offers Training to Women Victims of Violence in Peru

The Tamar project was created in response to the high rates of violence against women in the Awajun community in Peru.

The “St Vincent de Paul Village” Opens its Doors in Peru

55 people from eight families are now living in the first houses of the “Mitso Esperanza – Villa San Vicente de Paúl”, the St Vincent de Paul Village in Puerto Eten, Peru.

St. Vincent’s Charitable Association Mobilizes During the Pandemic (Peru)

ACASVI (St. Vincent’s Charitable Association) has provided comprehensive services to some sixty-five elderly men and women.

Help for Peru

We have received a letter from the National President of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul asking for urgent help for Peru the relief of the many poor who have suffered the recent floods: To the Worldwide Vincentian Family: I extend my fraternal greetings on behalf...

Historic meeting of 22 Vincentian Bishops

Historic meeting of 22 Vincentian Bishops

For the first time ever all of the Vincentian Bishops were invited to meet in Rome. From June 23-25 twenty-two of the thirty-two bishops are participating in this gathering. They come from Lebanon, Italy, Poland, Colombia, Brazil, Mozambique, India, Madagascar,...

Vincentian Family in Peru – 25 years

Vincentian Family in Peru – 25 years

Why come together as a Vincentian Family? What can we do? ... What has happened in the last 25 years? Perspective on the Vincentian Family in Peru FamVin has received and translation a document celebrating 25 years of Vincentian Family Collaboration. During those 25...

A Bethlehem Spirituality and renewal

A Bethlehem Spirituality and renewal

A Bethlehem spirituality offers  a perspective on renewal both ecclesial and personal according to an article The Meaning of Bethlehem, translated from the Peruvian publication La Republica. The Catholic Church is experiencing a time of reform and renewal whose...

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