Learning Mercy and Brotherhood in School: as the Twig is Bent the Tree is Inclined

by | Apr 28, 2019 | Brothers CMM, News

A school named ‘Mother of Mercy’

Since 2008, the brothers in Timor Leste run a school in Gleno named ESTVC-MM (Catholic Vocational Technical Secondary School ‘Mater Misericordia’). This school is a technical school with two majors, namely  IT and tourism. In 2019, there are 101 students. Over the years, the number of students has increased and the school is still growing slowly but steadily.

Collaboration with companies

Already from the start, the school has established good cooperation with companies in the field. The students can do internships and practice the tasks they intend to do after graduation. Having this practical work experience is a big advantage in finding a job after graduation. The sustainability of this good cooperation with companies is also a result of the commitment and good results of teachers and of former students.

The spirit of brotherhood and mercy

With the skills obtained in the school and in internships, the students are well prepared for a job in the field of IT or in restaurants, hotels or other tourist locations. But technical and practical skills are not the only thing that the students have to offer to the society.        

In testimonies and reports from the companies where our students have their field practice, we read that the contribution of our students is very much appreciated. They always try to do their work on the basis of brotherhood and mercy. This can be done in many ways: sometimes a small gesture is of great significance to someone else. This spirit has been instilled to them since they were in school: it is a basic principle in thinking and acting in the schools of the Brothers CMM. And as the twig is bent, the tree is inclined…!

Brother Peter Narwadan CMM
Gleno-Laula Region, Timor Leste, April 11, 2019
Source: https://www.cmmbrothers.org/