Vincentian Studies Institute Acquires Four Page Manuscript Seton Family Letter

by | May 12, 2018 | News

The Vincentian Studies Institute of the United States located at DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois, is happy to announce the acquisition of a four-page manuscript Seton family letter.

The handwritten letter is dated May 18, 1816.  It is addressed to William Seton (1796-1868) at Leghorn (Livorno) Italy with portions written by his two younger sisters and his mother.  The first page is from Rebecca Seton (1802-1816).  The second page is from Catherine (Kit) Seton (1800-1891).  Elizabeth Seton adds 18 lines on the final two pages. The Seton autograph of this letter is found as 7.25 in Elizabeth Bayley Seton Collected Writings, volume 2, p. 396-397.  The editors of this series noted the letter was based on a photo-copy, and  the location of the original was unknown. Just over two hundred years after it was written, this precious document returns to the possession of the Vincentian family.  The letter will join the Vincentian Collection at DePaul University’s, John T. Richardson Library.


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