Vincentian Family Executive Committee, January 2018

by | Jan 29, 2018 | News

The annual meeting of the Vincentian Family Executive Committee (VFEC) convened in Philadelphia January 16-18, 2018 with its members arriving from seven countries.

Agenda items included the three day October 2017 Vincentian Family Symposium evaluation (Rome). Overwhelmingly the positive feedback of the 12,000 attendees continues to echo in every continent. This “touched the hearts” of not only those physically present but also those who continue to review the televised events, social media and symposium materials.  The Committee reviewed what we learned from the experience and made decisions about how to continue reaping the fruits of the Holy Spirit sown that weekend.

Vincentian Family Executive Committee, January 2018

Additional agenda items included: Finding Vince 400 Film Festival (October 2018), Homeless Alliance project, updates on Commissions and Task Forces, critical need for translators and the Vincentian Family data base update. Thanks once again to the Eastern Province of the CM for their gracious hospitality.

Permanent organizational members of the VFEC include:  Congregation of the Mission (CM): Frs. Tomaž Mavrič (President) and Joe Agostino; Daughters of Charity (DC) DC: Srs. Kathleen Appler and Françoise Petit; International Ladies of Charity (AIC): Alicia Duhne and Dee Mansi; Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SSVP): Renato Lima de Oliveira and Ricardo Tavares. Rotating members include :   Congregation of Brothers of Our Lady, Mother of Mercy: Brothers Lawrence Obiko and Broer Huitema;  Sisters of Charity Federation-North America: Grace Hertzog, SC and Eileen Haynes, SCL; and Sisters of Charity – Strausbourg.  CM Frs. Astor Rodriguez, Abdo Eid and Charlie Plock; DC Srs. Bernadette Miller and Martha Beaudoin translated this meeting on site into French, English and Spanish.

Team of translators