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by | Jul 1, 2017 | Announcements, Featured, News

We all want to know what is happening in the Vincentian Family all over the world!

.famvin is here to inform you about the different initiatives that our Family is undertaking all over the world…and it is very easy to make known what you and your companions are doing in your city, work or parish!

Do not be afraid to write! To post news on .famvin we only need four things:

  1. A title.
  2. The name of the author.
  3. One (or several) images, if possible of good quality.
  4. An explanatory text: it does not have to be long. With one or two paragraphs (about 50 words) is enough.

Although it may seem that what you do is not much, for many others it can be something inspiring. Many of us have taken inspiration from ideas to carry out in our locality from other Vincentian groups that were thousands of miles away …

Cheer up! You see how simple it is?  It does not require a great effort, nor do you have to be a great writer. Just take a few minutes to inform your Vincentian brothers and sisters about the events that happen around you.

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