Interview With SSVP Global President Renato Lima de Oliveira

by | Nov 29, 2016 | News, Society of St. Vincent de Paul

When I started to do the visits, when I started to attend the conference meetings and activities, then I said to myself: “This is where I belong.”

In a 12-minute interview with Alison Souto from Ozanam TV, SSVP Global President Renato Lima de Oliveira tells us: who he is as a Vincentian, how he started in SSVP, discusses works and positions of his past within SSVP, his 10 years on council general, his acceptance of the nomination for President and his election in Rome. Watch the full video and enjoy a few excerpts from the interview below.

When asked about his emotions at the election in Rome: “I actually felt the prayers that were offered for me.”

When asked how he would manage things: “I think that God prepares us. All the Vincentians. God comes to enable us. We help the poor but God helps us as well. Every time we go to the poor’s house, to help him, materially and spiritually, while we are doing it, God is also helping us. Our days increase from 24 to 30 hours in a sense that our skills multiply, and everything grows. This is the blessing of being a Vincentian. We are blessed…I always stick ahead. We attack every aim, facing all the needs. Along with God’s support and our friend’s help, we will make it.”

When asked about his priorities he discussed some that are more urgent than others, including formation and the General council to be more open and transparent with an ombudswoman who will receive suggestions, comments and complaints.

Message to Vincentians: “Firstly we need to have a good relationship with our family, in order to take any function in SSVP. It’s necessary to be well with God and peaceful with your family, to be a full Vincentian in SSVP.”

And he needs the prayers of everyone for us.