“Les Projets Rosalie” (The Rosalie Projects): With each other

by | Nov 6, 2023 | News

In 1999, the sisters set up the social services sector in Bethlehem. The aim of this project in Palestine was to provide medical and psycho-social assistance to people lacking social protection and sources of income, in the district of Bethlehem, the surrounding villages and the refugee camps.

Thanks to this medical project, patients have benefited from:

– financial support for government medical insurance
– medicines for chronic illnesses (diabetes, heart problems, etc.) not covered by the government health program
emergency operations and laboratory tests
consultations in various medical centres in the West Bank region.

In addition,this psycho-social support and encouragement, which are essential in the helping process, have helped to maintain the well-being of those being cared for.

“By serving people, we give them hope by changing their lives through better health and education.” – Sr. Francisca

Khaled, aged 14, was suffering from a serious illness in one of his legs. Without an operation and very expensive medical treatment, he risked no longer being able to walk. “We took out government medical insurance. Khaled was operated on and is now recovering, happy and ready to resume his normal life.”

Reem, aged 24, suffered a serious episode of epilepsy. With medication, her health improved. “Thanks to our educational and financial support, she was able to study graphic design. She graduated and is now looking for a job.”

Thalji and his wife Lydia are an elderly couple. They receive no help from social security. “We provide them with medicines every month. But Thaji needed a vital operation. We helped him and his health is now stable and he is doing well psychologically and socially.”

“This project has had a real impact on the beneficiaries. We have been able to improve the lives of the elderly by enabling them to grow old in good health. Our disadvantaged families report better physical and mental health over the last six months.
They feel more secure and satisfied that their medication is being provided. Such support reassures them and gives them hope, which reduces stress levels and improves their health in a positive way. We are finding that we have fewer hospital admissions than in the previous period.” – Sr. Francisca

Source: https://www.projets-rosalie.com/