Ripples of Change: Hope in Mocharim

by | Aug 27, 2023 | News

In the radiant morning light of July 18, 2023, a wave of change had brushed across the remote village of Mocharim, situated on the serene banks of the Falgu River. Sister Roselyn Karakattu, a member of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, and her team had opened their latest remedial study center, a beacon of hope and learning for the children in the area.

Five kilometers before you reach Kazi Chak, in the heart of Mocharim, you could see children, notebooks in their hands, running with excitement towards the new center. They were the “Mocharim ke bachhe,” the children of Mocharim, who until now had been devoid of a nearby schooling facility, their dreams of education gathering dust like their unused notebooks.

The villagers of Mocharim, over the last two years, had migrated from various parts of the region, establishing their homes here. They led a nomadic life, moving in search of work, and making ends meet. In this struggle for survival, education had been a luxury they couldn’t afford. The nearest school was too far away, the journey too cumbersome, and hence the children did not go.

But Sister Roselyn and her team took notice of this unfortunate predicament during one of their visits. They were moved by the sight of so many children, potential leaders of tomorrow, spending their days idly when they should have been in school, learning and growing. They approached the village community, enquiring why the children were not attending school.

When the reasons were laid bare, they didn’t hesitate to take action. “We offered to teach for two hours,” Sister Roselyn recalled, describing how they had promised the villagers a solution. The village community, in turn, promised to build a temporary shed which would serve as a learning centre, illustrating the power of collective effort.

In the meantime, one of the better-off families extended their generosity by offering a room temporarily for classes. It was an immediate solution to the problem, a ray of hope for the eager young minds waiting to delve into the world of knowledge.

Sister Roselyn, reflecting on the process, shared a profound insight. “It is that easy,” she declared. Her statement echoed the spirit of solidarity and cooperation. When individuals or groups come together with shared goals and ideals, even the most challenging circumstances can be overcome.

Source: Sister’s of Charity of Nazareth Website


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