Journey Through Lent With Saints Vincent and Louise (March 11)

by | Mar 10, 2023 | Formation

Today’s quote:

Saint Bernard [says]: ‘In the ways of God, not to advance and to remain in the
same state is to fall back.’ As you know, sisters, a river has a current, and boats that follow the run of the water, even though they make no effort, still move forward because the river carries them along.

Vincent de Paul (Volume: 10 | Page#: 198) The Obligation of Striving for Perfection, 6 January, 1657

Do I trust myself to God’s current?


Quotes sources: Saint Vincent de Paul / Correspondence, Conferences, Documents; Brooklyn, NY: New City Press, 1999; Pierre Coste, Editor. Spiritual writings of Louise de Marillac. Edited and translated from the original French edition by Louise Sullivan, D.C. Brooklyn, New York: New City Press, 1991.