Gremial Famvin (reflection group): for an “other” possible world

by | Jun 29, 2020 | News

Within the context of the work plan of the FAVILA Team, the Gremial FAMVIN [reflection group]: for an “other” possible world has emerged. Grounded in Vincentian spirituality and lay in nature, this group has the ambitious objective of bringing together members of the various branches of the Vincentian Family in order to reflect upon the readings of the Sunday liturgy in a remote, mediate and immediate manner and in accord with Vincentian spirituality. This is done in order to deepen the participants in the spirituality of the founders … a spirituality that at times becomes stagnant as a result of accommodation caused by routine: it has always been done this way. This group also gathers together in order to allow the Spirit, who renews all things, to blow as it wills.

This rich experience began on Tuesday, May 5, 2020, with the participation of laypersons, women religious and priests who are members of the School of Theology of Saint Vincent de Paul, the International Association of Charity (AIC), Lay Vincentian Missionaries from Arkansas, Trinitarians, Daughters of Charity and members of the Congregation of the Mission. These individuals reside in El Salvador, Guatemala, the United States, Mexico and Nicaragua. Participating together with these men and women are individuals from other schools of spirituality, for example, Cursillos de Cristiandad in Philadelphia (USA).

Since that time, the participants have met (virtually) each Tuesday and share their biblical reflections according to the see-judge-act methodology. This allows each individual, in accord with their reality (be that personal, family, community, parish, social, political or economic, etc.) to judge their situation in light of the Sunday readings (enriched with Vincentian texts; teachings of the Holy Father; the universal, Latin American or local magisterium [as is the case with Saint Oscar Arnulfo Romero]). Finally, these reflections conclude with specific actions that strengthen, renew and give life to our Vincentian spirituality … actions that flow from the various elements that are discussed under the “see” aspect of this methodology.

The School of Theology of Saint Vincent de Paul (a branch of the Vincentian Family with headquarters in El Salvador) has taken upon itself the mission of coordinating this group, with the hope of multiplying these groups and involving other branches of the Vincentian Family. We would also like to see the formation of these groups extend beyond the boarders of the Americas, thus giving life to the missionary spirit inherited from our founders. Those who wish to join this reflection group and participate in its virtual gatherings should write to one of the following emails and request a link: