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Team up After Flooding in Timor Leste

by | Mar 22, 2020 | News

Hera, Timor Leste, 13 March 2020. On Friday 13 March, heavy rain hit East Timor.  The people are used to this rainy season, but this time the rainfall was more than usual.  The rivers overflowed and the subsequent flood that brought water and mud onto the roads, damaging vehicles, houses and electrical lines.  Also the new postulant house in Hera was damaged, as well as several other houses in the parish.

As soon as the rain stopped, the brothers and postulants and their neighbours began to work together to clean the area and repair the electrical lines.  Brother Peter Narwadan made a video showing the damage, but the most important thing he captured on film is the enthusiasm and teamwork in repairing the house: a video about brotherhood.




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