In 2007, the North Indian Province of the Congregation of the Mission began a mission in a remote region in Mizoram State, North East India. The mission is based in the town of Bairabi and serves 14 other communities. One of its first works, which our missionaries started in the mission, was a school to provide a quality education, which was not available to many of the children in the village.

The new school built in Bairabi

For several years the school was operating in a temporary pavilion, which was inadequate for the rapidly increasing student population. With the assistance of the Vincentian Solidarity Office, the Province obtained a donation from a private foundation in Europe, which was matched with funds from the Vincentian Solidarity Fund, for the construction of a two-story school, with 12 classrooms, a science laboratory, library and computer room, as well as a room for teachers, a school office and restrooms.

Students in class at the new Saint Vincent School

The new Saint Vincent School currently has 380 students but it is expected to increase rapidly to 600 students, from pre-school through 10th grade.

Source: Bulletin of November 2017 of the Vincentian Solidarity Office. More information can be found about the VSO at

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