Firm in the Faith

by | Aug 18, 2016 | Formation

We live the faith in community, sure that the Spirit is with us. This song is in Spanish, but the words follow below. It’s well worth a listen.

The lyrics of this song are eminently “evangelical” and “evangelizing,” when you think about those who come and don’t know Jesus and his love. Musically it has a festive rhythm that transmits joy and hope.

This song “Firmes en la Fe,” was one of the most played at World Youth Day of 2011, and has had a long life since then: it’s been converted into a cry of joy and hope.


Let’s Go! Join us!
Give me your hand and sing!,
Come here!
He comes with us
encouraging our steps in faith.
I say brother/sister, listen!:
Live only in Him!
Life is made new in Jesus.
He is the truth, the way and eternal life
that is given to you today.
We shout together:

Firm in the faith.
rooted in the Lord,
built up in his love
we live firm in the faith.

Burn!, Light up!,
and illumine the earth with his love.
The power of the Spirit will give strength,
There’s no fear, only faith.
I’m telling you sister/brother, listen:
Christ the Lord,
He always goes with you, to the end.
He gives meaning to all,
and all in Christ find salvation.
We shout together:

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