Reusable items that are “2 Good 2 Toss”

by | Aug 7, 2016 | News

“2 Good 2 Toss,” a Niagara University service program intended to keep reusable items out of landfills, raised $2,334.20 this May for the Office of Campus Ministry and the St. Vincent de Paul Society.


For the fourth straight year, members of NU’s Vincentian Mission Certificate program invited students (and employees) to donate items rather than toss them into dumpsters or leave them behind as the rush to summer break begins.

The reusable items were then sold at a community garage sale that took place on campus May 18-19.

The initiative has raised nearly $7,500 since being instituted.

“We are so thankful for the support of the individuals who continue to make ‘2 Good 2 Toss’ a resounding success,” noted the Rev. Kevin G. Creagh, C.M., NU’s vice president for university mission and ministry. “The variety of mission-critical programs that we are able to offer to the community is due in large part to enterprising efforts like these.”

Individuals who coordinated this year’s “2 Good 2 Toss” program included:

Michael Beam
Tom Burns
Rev. Kevin Creagh, C.M.
Michael Freedman
Sharon Green
Jason Jakubowski
Michael Jeswald
Beverly Junevic
Patricia McIntosh
Howard Morgan
Virginia Pasceri
Ashley Serwon
Jill Shuey
Mike Skowronski
Teresa Slipko
Michele Smith
John Spanbauer
Jean Spence
Jay Stockslader
Robert Swanson
David Taylor
Kurt Von Voetsch
Lori Zimpfer

Resusable items that are too good to toss, brought to you by some #VincentiansofWherever. When I care the for the environment, #IamVincent.

Source: NU News