How can I find specific information?

You can find things, from the most specific to the quite general.

Searching: We utilize a custom Google search which searches the .famvin English language sites. So, your search results will include not only items from (the news site) but also information from Vinformation and the Vincentian Encyclopedia. But no worries: the results will have three tabs separating things for you! If you are daring, you can try some advanced searching. But do use it! It’s the grey box with «Search» written in it.

Tags: Our sites site also utilizes tags for classifying articles. Tags are like the Index of a book. To view all articles related to a tag, click on one of them in the left sidebar (below on mobile)!

Categories: We also use categories. They’re like a Table of Contents or Themes. See the category list on the right sidebar (below on mobile)? Click on one and see where it takes you.

Archives: are right on the grey navigation bar (news•archives•calendar•find it!•send us news) above. These are good for general information.

Have any other ideas to make searching easier? Send them in!


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