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Eucharist and The Need for Change

Eucharist challenges us to recognize and confront the structures of sin. It prepares us for a mission to transform the world.

Perseverance in Seeking the Kingdom

Jesus is the sublime example of the person who attains salvation through perseverance in fostering the kingdom of  God. Jesus says, “Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you besides.”  But he does not only preach;...

We are All Sinners – Good Christians Know

We are all Sinners - Good Christians Know - Why did Jesus Come to Us? - Living for Eternity Vincentian Day of Prayer and Fast We are all Sinners We as Vincentians know we are forgiven.  One of my favourite sayings is:  We are journeying to Sainthood and are sinners...

Humility and Charity of Blessed Rosalie Rendu

Continuing with our celebration this Wednesday of the anniversary of the beatification of Rosalie Rendu, D.C. on Nov. 9, 2003, here is another excerpt from the book by Sister Louise Sullivan, D.C.: "Sister Rosalie Rendu: A Daughter of Charity On Fire with Love for the...

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