Vincentian Family Blesseds

May 30: Blessed Marta Wiecka, D.C. (Video from Daughters of Charity International)

See a video called “Given to God,” about Sister Marta Wiecka who was born on 12 January 1874 in Nowy Wiec, Poland.

February 27: Feast Day of Blessed Francinaina Cirer i Carbonell

Feb. 27 is the feast day of Blessed Francinaina Cirer i Carbonell, a native of Sencelles in Mallorca (Spain).

February 3: Blessed Giuseppina Nicoli, D.C.

Blessed Giuseppina Nicoli, an Italian Daughter of Charity, is known for her work with poor children; through her trust and friendship, “she guided them to find the Lord … with the gentleness of a loving mother”.

The Story of the Daughters of Charity, Martyrs of Angers (Feast Day: February 1)

The story of Bl. Marie-Anne Vaillot and Bl. Odile Baumgarten, Daughters of Charity martyred during the French Revolution on February 1, 1794.

5 Minutes With Sr. Rosalie Rendu

5 Minutes With Sr. Rosalie Rendu

Spend 5 minutes in quiet reflective thought about Blessed Sister Rosalie with this video based on her correspondence and the witness of her Sisters. You will soon see that she was sensitive to all suffering: “There is something that is choking me and takes away my...

February 7: Feast of Bl. Rosalie Rendu

February 7: Feast of Bl. Rosalie Rendu

From the age of reason, Jeanne [Sr. Rosalie] had thought of consecrating herself to God. None of the joys of the world attracted her. She wanted no part of its celebrations or glitter. At the same time, she felt drawn by its groans and misery. -Armand de Melun

Frederic Ozanam on Building the Good Society

Given the profound questions Pope Francis is raising about our society it might be very instructive to take a few minutes to watch a series of videos in which Dr. Raymond Sickinger, Ph.D. leads discussion of a paper by Dr. David L. Gregory, Ph.D., entitled “Antoine...

Blessed Fredrick Ozanam “I am a Father!”

Blessed Fredrick Ozanam “I am a Father!”

“After so many favors that were set down in my vocation in this world, a new blessing has come to me, to know the greatest joy probably it is possible to experience here below: I am a father!” –Blessed Frédéric Ozanam, in a letter to his friend Theophile Foisset, July...

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