Vincentian Family Blesseds

May 30: Blessed Marta Wiecka, D.C. (Video from Daughters of Charity International)

See a video called “Given to God,” about Sister Marta Wiecka who was born on 12 January 1874 in Nowy Wiec, Poland.

February 27: Feast Day of Blessed Francinaina Cirer i Carbonell

Feb. 27 is the feast day of Blessed Francinaina Cirer i Carbonell, a native of Sencelles in Mallorca (Spain).

February 3: Blessed Giuseppina Nicoli, D.C.

Blessed Giuseppina Nicoli, an Italian Daughter of Charity, is known for her work with poor children; through her trust and friendship, “she guided them to find the Lord … with the gentleness of a loving mother”.

The Story of the Daughters of Charity, Martyrs of Angers (Feast Day: February 1)

The story of Bl. Marie-Anne Vaillot and Bl. Odile Baumgarten, Daughters of Charity martyred during the French Revolution on February 1, 1794.

Vincentian saints and blesseds since 1660

Vincentian saints and blesseds since 1660

In the more than 300 years since Louise and Vincent many people have been inspired to lead heroic lives of service of those who are poor and marginalized. Click on the link and let your mouse roll over the graphics at the bottom of the screen to learn more about these...

Ozanam’s spiritual testament

Ozanam’s spiritual testament

Six months before Frederic Ozanam died on September 8, 1853 he wrote his final testament. FamVin has obtained, and translated a Powerpoint presentation from Peru of key elements of the final wishes. It is a moving experience to experience his thoughts via this presentation.

Bl. Frederic Ozanam: Family and Friends

Bl. Frederic Ozanam: Family and Friends

Fr Ron Ramson's new book on Blessed Frederic Ozanam is now available in hardcover, paperback, and eBook: HOSANNA! Blessed Frederic Ozanam: Family and Friends. In the book, Ron delves into the lives of family and friends who played significant roles in Blessed...

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