Laudato Si

Called to Ecological Conversion

One of the themes threaded throughout Laudato Si’ is the need for an ecological conversion.

The Value of Everyone

In today’s world where countless organisms have been destroyed or are under threat, the cross of Christ reveals God’s redemptive co-suffering with creation in all its complexity, struggle and pain.

Integral Ecology and Universal Solidarity

All is connected. This concept, examined at length in Laudato Si, is critically important to Catholics and all people who seek to address the crises gripping our world without abandoning our humanity.

In Search of Dignity

We as human beings, throughout the world, are faced with a problem that should be causing each of us to search inside ourselves and ask “am I responsible for someone’s loss of dignity?” 

Mercy2Earth Weekend

Mercy2Earth Weekend

Brian Roewe from the National Catholic Reporter Writes: A coincidence of calendars this weekend presents for Catholics an uncommon occurrence, where Earth Day precedes Divine Mercy Sunday, an alignment of dates that has inspired some to use it as an occasion to live...

Does Laudato Si matter to you?

Does Laudato Si matter to you?

Was Laudato Si a "blip" or a "game changer"? An important question, no doubt. But a more important question for us is, does Laudato Si matter to you...and the Vincentian Family? Someone recently said of the Church “We’re collectively the largest global humanitarian...