Daughters of Charity

The Rosalie Projects: By your side, my brother

Thanks to the “By your side, my brother” project, the Daughters of Charity of Peje in Kosovo have been able to improve the welcome given to the 35 disabled people, aged between 10 and 65, who visit their “Centre for Independent Life” every day.

The Rosalie Projects: As the Water Flows

Thanks to the “As the water flows” project, Irinka has finally been able to enjoy a clean and functional bathroom at the age of 60.

The Rosalie Projects: Like no other

The aim of the “Like no other” project was to refurbish the laundry room of a Centre for Children of Differing Abilities run by the Daughters of Charity in the Republic of Albany.

The Rosalie Projects: “Load-bearing Walls”

The goal of the “Load-bearing Walls” project is to complete the construction of a nursery school for children of poor families in a remote region of Tanzania.

Another amazing Daughter of Charity – Bridget Harley

Another amazing Daughter of Charity – Bridget Harley

When she died in 2010 Australia took note of another amazing Daughter of Charity – Bridget Harley. The Spirit led her to join the Daughters of Charity in Sydney in 1943. In 1966 she responded to what would be her life-time commitment to educate disadvantaged children took her to Ethiopia where she spent thirty-eight years. By the time Sister Bridget left Ethiopia in 2005, aged 86, she had set up more than 150 early childhood development centres.