The Rosalie Projects: Heal the Living

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In Nigeria, people with disabilities are frequently victims of prejudice and exclusion.

At Saint Louise’s House, the Daughters of Charity make every effort to provide them with agricultural training with a view to their inclusion.

They took advantage of the acquisition of a piece of land to carry out the “Heal the Living” project in order to guarantee the security and food autonomy of these vulnerable people.

“When the funds arrived, the bursar, accountant and manager went to purchase materials for the construction of the overhead water tank, solar pump and panel. The engineer built the steel support for the overhead tank and the solar pump was installed. We use it to provide water for our crops and poultry farm. Thanks to our pepper, squash and spinach crops, and poultry farming, we have up to 50 customers (distributors) who come to buy farm products at affordable prices.”Sr. Emerechi

14 of the beneficiaries are thus able to provide for the needs of their family and support the education of their children.

“Mr. Aniekan Akpan is married and very poor. His occupation consisted of collecting firewood in a forest to sell it. Thanks to this project, he can provide for the needs of his family. Last month, he was able to afford to bury his mother. — Sr. Emerechi

This agricultural project also improved people’s social interactions and helped overcome the false belief that disability is contagious.

Thank you for your support alongside them.

Sr. Alimnu Emerechi, DC



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