Daughters of Charity

The Rosalie Projects: When all you have are chickens

In 2019, in Benin City, Nigeria, the Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul created the "Lindalva Inclusive School" to offer children with and without disabilities a good education. With the help of the Rosalie Project, pupils are provided with a meal twice a...

Food and Education for Children Affected by HIV/AIDS

The Daughters of Charity have been serving the people in the Masanga area of Tanzania since 2007, providing food and schooling to poor children whose parents are living with HIV/AIDs and to orphans who lost their parents due to HIV/AIDs.

The Rosalie Projects: Heal the Living

In Nigeria, people with disabilities are frequently victims of prejudice and exclusion. At Saint Louise’s House, the Daughters of Charity make every effort to provide them with agricultural training with a view to their inclusion. They took advantage of the...

The Rosalie Projects: Back to the future

The aim of the “Back to the Future” project was to finance a 3-day retreat at the Carmel de Mazille for 13 people from modest backgrounds who are members of the Le PAS association.

Another amazing Daughter of Charity – Bridget Harley

Another amazing Daughter of Charity – Bridget Harley

When she died in 2010 Australia took note of another amazing Daughter of Charity – Bridget Harley. The Spirit led her to join the Daughters of Charity in Sydney in 1943. In 1966 she responded to what would be her life-time commitment to educate disadvantaged children took her to Ethiopia where she spent thirty-eight years. By the time Sister Bridget left Ethiopia in 2005, aged 86, she had set up more than 150 early childhood development centres.