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Picking out the Followers of Jesus Christ

Grow up and Get Ready for the Life to Come

Jesus embodies the way to grow up and get ready for the life to come. Following him, we will get to the place that he readies for us and we will be where he is. Just before going up to heaven, Jesus does for his followers what he has already done for two of them. For...

Picking out the Followers of Jesus Christ

Keeping the Word of Peace and Fellowship

Jesus is the one through whom God speaks definitively to his people.  Listening to Jesus and keeping his word leads to peace and fellowship. Jesus goes on to say goodbye to his followers.  And they must be listening very attentively in view of fondly recalling and...

Picking out the Followers of Jesus Christ

Dear, Precious, Very Costly Indeed

Jesus is the perfect model of love to the end. His true and dear followers, then, are those who love one another as he has loved them. Jesus’ followers are as dear to him as children are dear to their parents. And since he is going to be with them only a little while...

Picking out the Followers of Jesus Christ

One Are Jesus and His True Followers

Jesus and the Father are one.  And so are Jesus and his true followers.  Needless to say, then, true followers cannot but be one in heart and mind. One with us in every way, but in sinfulness, the Word made flesh feels the cold of winter.  So, he walks about in the...

Picking out the Followers of Jesus Christ

Together as Followers of Jesus Christ

Jesus gives us the perfect example of love.  He wants us, who call him ‘teacher’ and ‘master,’ to do together also what he has done for us. Together are some followers of Jesus.  They are less than twelve.  The group, then, is not meant to represent Israel with its...

Picking out the Followers of Jesus Christ

Living through the Death of Jesus Christ

Jesus wears the crown of glory because he died for everyone (Heb 2, 9).  If we share his death, he will have us living with him in glory. The wicked, true to the plots they were hatching against Jesus, cut him off from the land of the living (Jer 11, 19-20).  But God,...

Picking out the Followers of Jesus Christ

Dignity and Responsibility of Women

The new that God is doing springs forth now in Jesus.  Those with chauvinist mentality do not see this newness that acknowledges the dignity and responsibility of women (Benedict XVI). Joseph finds out that Mary is carrying in her womb a child that is not his.  But...

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